Our story…

In a “madness” of the moment, at the age of 20 and 22, where the excitement and the dreams are extravagant, Michalis and Fotis Voyiatzis begin their gastronomic journey in a kitchen that you can characterise. In a small street of Amfiali, on Niki Street, the passion of a delicious, fast food, gives birth to the Trigono Tis Geusis. It opens its doors to the first customers and it gets very fast point of reference in the area for its quality and delicious dishes. The simple and humble cheeseburger gives its place to a stuffed burger and a burger steak with a crisp pancetta. Macaroni, pizzas, crêpes and dishes for abundant meat lovers dominate the menu.

The “new” Trigono…

 So after 10 years in the small shop of Nikis Street, Michalis and Fotis decided to relocate a few meters further on P. Phissa 98 and Myrifytos 35. The new larger space, completely renovated, but equally warm with the old awaits both the old and the new friends to offer them all that familiar tastes they have been following for all these years. Stunning tastes, with pure ingredients at affordable prices!

Our philosophy

Our secret is that we do not keep secrets from our clients. Pure materials and love for what we do are the ingredients for our success.

Our menu

Cool salads, juicy burgers, delicious crêpes and pasta are just a few of the choices we can give you. Discover all the dishes you can taste and do not hesitate to ask for something, exactly as you prefer it.

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